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A collection of poetry about loss, hope, love and about tapping into the gap of stillness that exists within all of us. The GAP is the silent space between thoughts. It is the space where the mind stands still. No thoughts exist in this space. Hence, it is in this GAP that you can experience present moment awareness and the gift of your inner wisdom. This book was written during a year of experiencing loss and a surrendering to the flow of life. Sometimes the darkest of times can bring in snippets of pure light and joy and offer a deeper understanding of ourselves and our thoughts.


This book is divided into five chapters...

  • Heart Space
  • Soul Whispers
  • Transition
  • Sun & Moon 
  • Stardust


Space..Between..The..Thoughts.. will take you on a journey of opening your heart to the beauty around you, to dealing with the challenges of loss, to listening to the voice within and to the magic that exists everywhere if you are present enough to hear it.

I hope  that you take what ever words you need from this book and allow them to sit within the space of your presence.

Space Between The Thoughts Poetry Book

    • Independently published in 2019
    • 153 pages
    • English
    • Paperback
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