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I hold it an honor to make any sacred piece of personalized jewelry. 

A custom-made Crystal Bracelet or Mālā Necklace is a wonderful offering to yourself or as a gift to a loved one. 

I love to make custom made Mālā’s that attune to your energy and higher self and provide support and love has become one of my most treasured acts of service. 


I have been making personalized Mālā’s for a while now and it’s such a blessing when people reach out to request one. 


In the sacred circle of beads, I weave energy, intention and prayer. 


May each bead be a step towards inner peace,

a whisper of healing to the soul.


As I string a Mālā, it becomes a guide,

a companion on the spiritual journey.


With each bead, I affirm love, compassion, and grace, infusing each Mālā with the essence of love, mantra and intention. 


In the silence between each prayer,

may the universe respond and align.


Each Mālā becomes a conduit of energy and intention, binding spirit to the sacred rhythm of existence.


May it be a source of grounding, love, light and 

a reminder of the divine within and around you. 


If you would like to request a special custom-made piece, please reach out via email using the button below. 

Please feel free to share with me....

  •  Any request or intentions you may have for your piece - grounding, protection, deepening meditation practice, abundance, energy etc...

  • Any preferences regarding crystals or color's - maybe you want a specific vibration or to work on a specific energy center.  

  • Whether you would like a 6mm or 8mm bead, do you like silver, or gold findings etc. 

  • Whether it's for you or a gift for someone else. 

Anything else that you feel called to share. 

I can then let you know a price and how long it will take me to make.

Rough pricing for a bracelet depending on crystal will be between $26-$33 and for a Mālā’ Necklace between $78-$99, depending on crystal and size of bead.  

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