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Beige Shadow Giveaway Instagram Post (1).png
Beige Shadow Giveaway Instagram Post (1).png

 " Sarah’s offering is pure magic. I say magic because no words can accurately describe the feeling. You can feel her energy as soon as you walk in the room. The gentleness with which she holds space. The thought she put into this whole experience. Pure magic. I could feel the love and intention through her hands and in every little detail - from the blue lotus oil (handmade by her) to the crystal bowls Sarah played at the end. A very nurturing experience that made me feel relaxed, whole, energetically balanced, and with a sense of calmness that lasted for days. Not to mention my face, never felt so amazingly bright and refreshed. If you’re thinking about gifting yourself this experience, trust that voice, you’ll be opening yourself to receiving pure love. "

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" Sarah led me through the most wonderfully relaxing and healing reiki session. She was so incredible at listening, understanding and then sharing how she would use my past experiences to help me find more peace through my session with her. Sarah used her gift in such a personal, empowering way that I was immediately filled with a deep sense of calm and serenity. This was my first experience of Reiki, and I was so blown away by the impact it had on me through her expert guidance. I am excited to continue more sessions with her. "
Copy of Beige Shadow Giveaway Instagram Post (1).jpg
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