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sa·cred al·che·my

"venerated, blessed and worthy of devotion, inspires awe and reverence. 

the secret of transmuting one element into another, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. "

Welcome to this space.

May you find things that delight you.

My Sankalpa (intention) is to offer you my energy, love and creativity.

My deepest gift is "feeling" I am deeply sensitive and an empath. 

Everything I come into contact with I sense the energy and vibration deeply, the last few years I have awakened deeper into this gift and now use this to guide me in and through life, in my work and service with a deep knowing that my dharma is to "beautify the soul". 

I have been on my own curious journey of awakening and healing for the last 8 years and have dived and trained in many healing modalities and teachings. Healing to me is about turning our gaze inward, looking at our own inner landscape, being curious about what we find and journeying deeper into who we truly are. Healing is about curiosity, surrender, working with our inner child, understanding our stories, our beliefs, our wounds and our pain and allowing ourselves to transform all of it back into light.

It's about returning back to ourselves, back to our heart time and time again.

Healing is about remembering our wholeness, recognizing that we are fully human, but also fully divine.

Complete wellness means connecting all the parts of you, that make you human.

Those four parts are the Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional body, when we understand that all of these parts need to be acknowledged, united and then integrated. Then begins the process of union and alchemy which will bring you back to your divine wholeness.

I will not heal you, only you can heal yourself, because we ARE our own HEALERS.

My offering to you is a safe, nurturing space where I offer you my knowledge, wisdom, experience, light and energy, so you can show up and be held as you return home to your divine higher self.

This is your safe space to turn your gaze inward. 

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all the beliefs, all the stories and becoming who you really are. 

Besides my energy work I also love making jewelry, this offering started as a hobby and creative outlet for me and my daughter Willow. We both love crystals, jewelry and being creative, so in 2021 when we were forced to slow down and disconnect from the outside world, we decided to use creativity to make jewelry.

From there sa·cred al·che·my was birthed.

Everything you find here aims to alchemize the connection between the inner and outer world, connecting you back to your innate nature, your beauty and the spirit of your heart. 

Whether it's a piece to a·dorn your soul, an essence to a·noint your body or a sacred medicine to infuse the senses, the energy and vibration behind each piece seeks to imbue self-love, magic and reverence for the beauty of life. 

Allowing you to drop deeper into a life of devotion, ceremony and appreciation of ritual. 

All items are ethically sourced and hold a vibration of consciousness, sustainability and collaboration with nature. 

May you find something that delights all of the senses, inviting you deeper into the truth of who you are, the beauty of ceremony and devotion.

May you then take the journey back to your heart. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 

With love

In love

Sarah & Willow

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