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Cacao Alchemy Session & Circles

Come and experience an individual or group Cacao Alchemy Session with the beautiful plant medicine of Mama Cacao. 
I have been deepening into my relationship with cacao for many years and I am now ready to start sharing my deep love and reverence of her medicine with others. 

what is Cacao I hear you ask?....

she is … 
the ultimate heart opener 
deep medicine
gift from nature 
healer for humanity 
the highest vibration
she is LOVE 

she is a ceremony, she is powerful, a sweet presence that can assist with healing and opening the heart, emotional release, inner child work, activating your authentic-self, and creative inspiration.


•    Improves Mood and can support those with Anxiety & Depression
•    Enhances Creativity
•    Improves Cognitive Function and Prolongs Focus
•    Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, boosts Immune System
•    Boosts Energy
•    Increases Confidence
•    Deepens Meditation
•    Promotes feelings of BLISS
•    Opens the Heart 
and Mind


For the heart-tending session I work with my favorite brand of cacao where I will introduce you to the beauty of this sacred heart medicine. 

  • Each session can be as an individual session or as a small group gathering or circle.

  • Each session will be unique and tailored to the individual or group.

  • You will experience a full cup of Cacao, an opening blessing, customized guided meditation practice. 

  • Intention setting and sharing circle if desired.

  • Safe space to allow for the heart to open.

  • OPTIONAL add On's can include, movement, breathwork, sound healing, crystals, journalling or oracle cards etc.

  • Sessions can be at Sarah's house, the client's home or to be held outside in nature, this can be decided upon booking. 

  • Sessions range from $111-$150 depending on the personalization. 

A Cacao alchemy session is an intentional gathering for self-reflection, healing, heart activation and spiritual nourishment. This is one of the oldest holistic practices used by many indigenous cultures from around the world to unify body, mind, heart & spirit.

“she is the medicine for humanity to move out of the mind and into the heart “

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