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These beautiful Gold Sun bracelets were made on the New Moon Eclipse in Aries.

The New Moon signifies new beginnings, assertiveness and action.

The sun symbolizing life, energy and vitality.

Its the source of our power and light and sustains us.

May the sun bring in enlightenment, growth and renewal.

We are always full, just like the sun. These 14K Gold Filled Bracelets, paired with a sacred crystal bead are to remind you of all the light you hold within.

Gold is connected to purity, illumination and spiritual awakening. It symbolizes wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Gold is linked to the divine and represents the highest spiritual attainment.


Choose from 5 different crystals.....

Black Onyx

Green Aventurine

Lapis Lazuli

Madagascar Rose Quartz






Green Aventurine

Abundance - Optimism - Personal Growth

"Be Prosperous"

Green Aventurine attracts abundance into your life by opening your heart to greater potential and infinite possibilities. Strengthening your connection to the Earth, its glistening green ray enhances a profound appreciation for Mother Nature’s bountiful gifts. Releasing the fear of lack and limitation, Aventurine enforces the belief that there is plenty to go around.

Bringing awareness to the highs and lows of life, Green Aventurine invites you to see the opportunity in every obstacle. Emphasizing the impermanence of negative events, it inspires you to embrace change by confidently persevering any challenge life throws at you. An optimistic mindset is a choice and if you reframe your thinking to focus on the positives, brighter opportunities will appear on the horizon.

Its gentle vibration nurtures emotional balance and revitalizes the body to its natural state of joy. Letting go of past attachments, Green Aventurine teaches you that every experience is a lesson to further your personal growth.


Lapis Lazuli

Intuition - Clarity - Communication

"Visionary Truth"

Lapis Lazuli encompasses the truths of the cosmos. Its deep blue hues reflect the depths of the night sky with white calcite clouds and shimmering pyrite stars. This blend of crystal energy embraces the notion that we are all interconnected and unified under a universal consciousness.

Activating the third eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli raises self-awareness and facilitates an inward journey to uncover your authentic self. It develops your intuition as a guiding force to navigate the path in fulfilling your life’s purpose. It stimulates psychic abilities by recalling images from past lives and dream states to offer a new perspective for achieving self-understanding.

Boosting mental intellect, Lapis Lazuli provides clarity by enhancing logical thought and objective problem solving. Bringing your vision into form, it strengthens the throat chakra to inspire truthful self-expression. Through the power of speech, Lapis Lazuli increases confidence to communicate your honest opinion and true feelings with others.


Madagascar Rose Quartz

Love - Emotional Healing - Calm

"Pure Love"

Rose Quartz embodies the essence of unconditional love. It inspires self-acceptance by recognizing your unique inner beauty and nurtures a genuine appreciation for yourself. Encouraging compassion and understanding, it develops meaningful friendships and strengthens a family bond. Its loving vibration attracts new romance and can reignite passion between partners.

Bringing the heart chakra into balance, Rose Quartz calms the body into a state of infinite peace. Releasing stress and resentment, it supports emotional healing for overcoming trauma and heartbreak. Its soothing energy promotes forgiveness as you restore trust in others. By facing the fear of rejection and acknowledging your insecurities, you become more receptive to true love and happiness.




​​​​​​​Spiritual & Personal Growth - Cleansing

"Light from the Heavens"

As the story goes, Selenite is a piece of heaven gifted by Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. Its pure ethereal light embraces the body, raising your vibration and activating the crown chakra. Expanding awareness to the higher planes of consciousness, Selenite attunes to receiving messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Its naturally forming wands are used by healers to cleanse the aura and remove negative entities. Dissolving blockages, Selenite directs the flow of energy throughout the body, bringing your emotions back into balance. Aligning with the intention of serving the highest good, Selenite invites an enlightened transformation. Its shimmering luster is a reminder that sometimes a new perspective is all that is needed to see the light.

14K GOLD SUN Crystal Bracelet


    • 6mm genuine crystal beads
    • 14K gold filled beads
    • Strung on durable strtechy cord
    • Size SMALL fits 5 - 6 inches
    • Size MEDIUM fits 6-7 inches
    • Size LARGE fits 7- 8 inches
    • Comes in a soft luxury microfiber jewelry bag, with care card 
    • Fully cleansed and charged
    • Handmade with love and intention on the New Moon Eclipse in Aries
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