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Open & Trust


Supporting the body to fully open to love, helping support you as you move through heavy emotions, grief, sadness. Allowing you to feel held, safe and to trust in the beauty of life. 


  • Eucalyptus:

A protective presence against invading energies. A healing oil to support the body when it is overwhelmed. Allowing for transformation and regenration. 


  • Cardamom:

To help support you in regaining control of your life and circumstances. To help dissolve any frustrations or anger, to find more peace and calm. 



  • Cedarwood:

Inspires feelings of belonging, community and support. Assists in helping to open the heart and to receive love and support from others. 


  • Lime:

Imbues the soul with a zest for life. Provides support to those that are grieving, instilling courage, cheer and cleansing of the heart. Supports you to release emotions and any repressed feelings. 


Each bottle is 10ml (.338oz) and is made by Sacred Alchemy in Texas USA.

BREATHE Essential Oil Blend

  • Essential Oils - Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Lime & Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil.

    Each bottle is infused with a Rose Quartz Crystal to cleanse and infuse the oil with light and is infused with cleansing, loving Reiki, light and harmonious energy.

  • a·noint :

    Before use gently shake the bottle to allow for alchemy of product.

    A·noint the body by applying to the bottoms of feet and behind the ears.

    You can also apply the oil to any piece of jewelry that has a Lava stone, which will absorb the energy of the oil and essence.

    Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with the eyes. Seek medical advice for use if you are pregnant. Do not ingest. Store in a cool place to preserve the natural oils. 

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