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The very best hand-rolled premium masala incense sticks sourced through a charity that work to support widowed women in the holy city of Vrindavan, India.

This temple grade masala incense is traditionally hand-made in Vrindavan. The flowers are given as offerings at the local temples and then collected, the petals sorted and dried in the sun. The dried flowers are then made into a powder, with natural essential oils and organic fibres to make a paste which is then hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks and dried in the sun again.


Blue Lotus symbolizes protection and awakening. The lotus flower is considered a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, rebirth, and self-realization. Because it comes from muddy waters from deep roots, the lotus position begins with connecting with the root chakra.

Blue Lotus helps to reduce anxiety, calms the mind and helps with sleep and lucid dreaming.


My experience with these incense sticks is, you don't even need to light them!

Just open the box and leave it open in your room. The whole room is filled with the essence of these premium incense sticks.


Each box contains 20 sticks. 

Absolute Blue Lotus Incense

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