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Truth ~ Devotion ~ Honor ~ Love


This ceremonial spray is a blend of sacred spiritual essential oils that work on the physical, emotional energetic vibrations of the body.

All of these oils are to connect many aspects of ourselves and to drop us fully into our body through the sublime sense of smell.


Frankincense ~ Oil of truth and spiritual awakening


Helichrysum ~ Oil to transmute emotional pain


Lavender ~ Oil of communication and calm, the great healer


Palo Santo ~ The great cleanser and connector to the earth


Sandalwood ~ Oil of sacred devotion, prepares the spirit to commune with the divine


Rose Water ~ Oil of divine love, healer of the heart


Labradorite ~ Crystal that lets us remember the magic of who we are. Strengthens the bond we have with the cosmos. The infinite magic we hold as humans and allows us to step into our luminous energy.


May you remember who you really are

May you find the truth of your luminous soul

May you recognize your magic

May the stars be your constant source of love


Each amber spray bottle is 60ml and is made by Sacred Alchemy in Texas USA.

PALO SANTO Cleansing Spray

  • Essential Oils - Frankincense , Sandalwood, Lavender, Palo Santo, Helichrysum, Rose Water.

    Each bottle is infused with a Labradorite Crystal to cleanse and infuse the oil with light and is infused with cleansing, loving Reiki, light and harmonious energy.

  • This Palo Santo spray is to be used in ceremony, meditation, yoga, or can be used as a daily cleansing spray. Can be sprayed in a space or on the body. 

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