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  • Amazonite


"Honor your Truth"

Amazonite reconnects you to the core of your being to develop a deeper understanding of your true self. Opening the heart chakra to love and compassion, it encourages self-acceptance and trusting your intuition. Aligning your values to your actions, it inspires you to live with integrity and transform your intentions into reality.

Highly protective against EMF emissions, Amazonite blocks and disperses these harmful frequencies from the body. Harmonizing masculine & feminine energies, it nurtures healthy boundaries to establish personal space and balance.

Activating the throat chakra, Amazonite empowers authentic self-expression. It brings clarity to your ideas, beliefs and emotions so that you can communicate your personal truth to the world. 


  • Amethyst


"Inner Serenity"

Amethyst inspires a peaceful state of being. Enhancing meditation, its soothing energy relaxes the body and calms an overactive mind. Increasing focus, it balances intuition with logic to support the decision making process. Having Amethyst near your bed or under your pillow improves the quality of your sleep and stimulates dream recall.

Activating the third eye and crown chakras, Amethyst elevates consciousness and connects you to your deepest inner wisdom. It develops trust in your psychic abilities and uncovers the underlying meaning to different life experiences. Raising awareness, Amethyst heightens one’s connection to the Divine and facilitates angelic communication.

A stone of positive transformation, Amethyst helps to overcome harmful behaviours by addressing negative emotional patterns and releasing damaging beliefs and attachments. Keeping the body in balance, 


  • Clear Quartz


"Visionary Light"

Clear Quartz is a prismatic crystal that encompasses the full colour spectrum of light. As one of the most abundant stones in the world, it nurtures your overall well-being by accommodating to the specific needs of the beholder. Its energy aligns with any frequency to support healing and balance. Enhancing meditation, it brings clarity to the mind by filtering out distractions and increasing concentration.

The power of manifestation is magnified by programming this crystal with a focused intention. With the stone in hand, visualize your aspirations with heartfelt gratitude. Its clear vibration will amplify your intention out into the Universe and strengthen the will to succeed in all endeavours.

Expanding consciousness, Clear Quartz provides understanding to life’s bigger picture. Heightening awareness, it facilitates communication with the Divine to inspire the path of spiritual growth.



Mālā Prayer

May you find wisdom in every moment, clarity in every decision, and the strength to navigate the journey of life with grace. 

Understanding that wisdom is the beacon that illuminates the path of understanding, as it guides you to make thoughtful choices and embrace the lessons that life unfolds. 

May you lean into a sense of trust, as the threads of wisdom flow througout your heart, may they foster connection, understanding and give you courage to face the unknown. 

May you allow true wisdom to enter into your life, as a deep knowing, an understanding of when to share, when to listen and when to embrace silence. 

May you remember all wisdom you hold. 



    • 8mm Crystal Beads
    • Knotted in between each bead with light green nylon thread
    • Cotton Tassel
    • Handmade with love
    • Avoid getting the Mala wet to protect the crystal beads
    • Mala hangs just below the navel around 52cm long
    • Mala will come in a box with a guidance card and Mala Prayer
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