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Dainty Shungite Protective Bracelet on black thread.


“Energetic Detox"

Shungite is the only known organic mineral with a molecular structure consisting of a hollow cage of carbon atoms, otherwise known as ‘fullerenes.’ This unique composition gives it natural conducting abilities that absorb and neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Since this scientific discovery was awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry, Shungite has been revered for its purifying and detoxifying effects.In the presence of this revitalizing stone, its cleansing vibration washes over your body to remove any energetic densities from your aura and chakra system. Releasing toxicity at every level, it detaches the bonds of negative emotional imprints to reestablish harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Grounding through the root chakra, it generates a calm environment, transmuting stress and anxiety to achieve optimal well-being.Shungite is commonly used to filter water by eliminating disease-causing free radicals and other hazardous pollutants. It is advised to use indirect elixir methods, as there could be undetected harmful elements present. Place Shungite near any electronic device, such as computers and cell phones, to shield from EMF emissions. Stones shaped into spheres and pyramids amplify their energies to provide a greater area of protection.

SHUNGITE Protective Bracelet

    • Adjustable sliding knot closure fits most wrists
    • The bracelet opens wide enough and adjust to most lengths
    • Handmade item
    • Materials: Nylon
    • Options: Bracelet or Anklet (choose at options)
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