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Satya (truthfulness), to think, speak and act with integrity.

" that which exists, that which is"

May you see and communicate life as it is, not as you wish it to be.

Supporting the voice and the throat chakra.


Lapiz Lazuli


" Visionary Truth"

Lapis Lazuli encompasses the truths of the cosmos. Its deep blue hues reflect the depths of the night sky with white calcite clouds and shimmering pyrite stars. This blend of crystal energy embraces the notion that we are all interconnected and unified under a universal consciousness.

Activating the third eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli raises self-awareness and facilitates an inward journey to uncover your authentic self. It develops your intuition as a guiding force to navigate the path in fulfilling your life’s purpose. It stimulates psychic abilities by recalling images from past lives and dream states to offer a new perspective for achieving self-understanding.

Boosting mental intellect, Lapis Lazuli provides clarity by enhancing logical thought and objective problem solving. Bringing your vision into form, it strengthens the throat chakra to inspire truthful self-expression. Through the power of speech, Lapis Lazuli increases confidence to communicate your honest opinion and true feelings with others.




"Live in the Now"

Sodalite inspires you to love and accept yourself for who you are in this moment – not who you wish you were or think you should be. It empowers you to focus on the present, become clear on your intentions and commit to what is important in your life. Regaining your sense of direction, it removes mental distractions by detaching thoughts from dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

Its vibrant blue ray embraces a harmonious balance between logic and intuition. Enhancing a state of meditation, Sodalite increases self-awareness to facilitate an inner journey of self-understanding. Providing greater insight into your current circumstance, it clears away judgmental thoughts, scattered emotions and unhealthy mental attachments.

Offering the clarity to live more authentically, Sodalite encourages you to create your own ideals based on your personal history, situation, priorities and goals. Forget about the opinions and expectations of others and find the validation you are seeking from within. Growing belief in yourself, it teaches you to persevere through troubled times and finally face the obstacles that are standing in the way of your dreams.


Yellow Jade


Bringing in joy, happiness and optimism, helps you to manifest intentions. To stay focused on the present moment and to recognize all the opportunities around us.

Can boost self-confidence and esteem.

Teaches us the interconnectedness of all living things.


Mālā Prayer

In the realm of honesty, shadows dissolve.

Truth, a beacon becomes your light, in its pure radiance, authenticity is present.

Let truth be your compass, unwavering and bright.

May you stand in honesty, as your heart aligns, a tapestry of truth connecting to the divine.

May this Mālā grant you the courage to speak your truth, no shadows cast.

Guiding your path with abundant light.

In every moment, let truth finds its place.


    • 8mm Crystal Beads
    • Knotted in between each bead with mustard yellow nylon thread
    • Cotton Tassel
    • Handmade with love
    • Avoid getting the Mala wet to protect the crystal beads
    • Mala hangs just below the navel around 52cm long
    • Mala will come in a box with a guidance card and Mala Prayer
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