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Cleansing -  Manifestation - Balance

"Soul Illumination"

Rutilated Quartz emanates a starburst of ethereal light. Cleansing the aura and energetic bodies, it forms a forcefield to ward off negative interference and psychic attacks. Guarding the spirit under divine protection, it creates a safe space to thrive and attune to your highest spiritual expression.

This radiant stone encapsulates luminous beams within the magnifying properties of Quartz. Harnessing the amplifying power of manifestation, it accelerates a focused intention for bringing your dreams into being. Providing clear thought and directed focus, it instills a joyful enthusiasm to pursue the path to a life of happiness.

Grounding cosmic frequencies through the body and into the Earth, Rutilated Quartz aligns the chakra centres and establishes a harmonious mind-body connection. Strengthening your intuitive abilities, it increases psychic sensitivity for receiving divine inspiration and teachings. Attuning your consciousness to the higher realms.



Rutilated Quartz Bracelet