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My heart has been full of sadness since the fires in Maui, so many people have lost everything, there homes, buisnesses, loved ones, pets.... There are so many people displaced and with nothing, they need money right now to make sure they are safe and to protect there land. 

Therefore all proceeds from a purchase of this beautful bracelet will be going directly to a few Maui families so that they can buy what they need.


Rhodochrosite is a crystal representing "Wholehearted Love", may we find it wthin our hearts to give to those most in need, wearing this bracelet to remind us that we are all connected through the vibration of love. 


  • Love - Emotional Healing - Joy

Rhodochrosite amplifies the purest vibration of love in all its forms.

Developing a deeper appreciation for who you are, it increases self-awareness to recognize the love that exists everywhere.  Connecting to the core of your being, Rhodochrosite gently opens the heart chakra to resurface emotions for healing.

Restoring your inna