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Abalone Shells carry the energy of the ocean, helping you to connect to the water as a sacred symbol of the sea. 

They are filled with calming energy and can bring in soothing and healing. They can help to strenghten love and foster harmony. 

They help in releasing negative feelings and energy. 


Abalone Shells have been used in ceremonies by native american tribes  as part of rituals, smudging and decoration. 

Incoporating all the elements , the shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit herbs or sticks represent earth and once lit they represent fire


Each one of these shells are natural and hand selected, each one is unique, they each come with a beautiful hand carved holder, made from a single piece of sustainably sourced mango wood and carved by a master craftsman, and features the head of a cobra at each end. 

Natural Abalone Shell & Wood Stand

    • One large natural unique Abalone Shell roughly 6 - 6.5 inches.
    • Hand carved sustainably sourced mango wood holder.
    • Carved by a master craftsman.
    • Stand is around 4 inches high.
    • Comes wrapped and in a box. 
    • Can be used as decoration
    • To burn herbs, sage, palo santo and incense
    • Can be used to hold jewlery or crystals
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