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A high vibration crystal for healing, self-love, self-esteem and self-worth. 

Allow this stone to strenghten your sense of self. 



  • Lavender Quartz

    Lavender Quartz is a rare variety of Rose Quartz with a light purple hue. It is a stone of unconditional love and lifelong friendship. It helps us to understand and nurture the people we care about and it reminds us to give that same loving-care to ourselves. Lavender Quartz offers us strength and a deep feeling of security. It reminds us that whatever happens in life, we can always count on love to be there. Lavender Quartz inspires us to keep on dancing and to always keep our hearts open.



    • 8mm genuine crystal beads
    • Strung on durable strtechy cord
    • Size SMALL fits 5 - 6 inches
    • Size MEDIUM fits 6-7 inches
    • Size LARGE fits 7- 8 inches
    • Comes in a linen bag, with care card 
    • Fully cleansed and charged
    • Handmade with love and intention
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