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This Mālā has the most beautiful, gentle loving energy, it is full of warmth, support and divine mother energy. Embracing you in love as you usher your heart into forgiveness.




Communication | Harmony | Awareness

"Voice of an Angel"

Angelite inspires you to consciously seek and speak your truth. Balancing the throat chakra, its heavenly blue ray brings you into harmony with others by facilitating compassionate communication. Releasing feelings of anger and blame, it encourages you to voice your emotions in difficult situations. Words are composed by the frequency of your breath and when the truth is spoken, tension is set free.

Also known as ‘Blue Anhydrite,’ its structure has alikeness to the wings of an angel. Infusing peace and tranquility into the body, Angelite’s soothing vibration raises awareness and transcends consciousness into the celestial realm. Offering loving guidance, it heightens your perception to the many forms of angelic messages.

Activating the crown and third eye chakras, Angelite enhances intuition and receptivity to psychic channeling.



Multi Beryl (Morganite, Aquamarine & Emerald)

Love | Angelic Communication | Release

"Love Heals All"

Morganite is the manifestation of Divine love – a love that is true, infinite, and unconditional. Deepening a oneness with being, it inspires the inner strength to surrender and trust in the Universe’s plan for you. Embracing the ebbs and flows of life, it acknowledges that both the experience of pain and pleasure serve a higher purpose.

In times of sorrow, Morganite’s soft pink ray brings reassurance that you are not alone. It channels the angelic wisdom of the heavenly realm, offering insight into the egotistical limits inhibiting your spiritual growth. By becoming aware of your pain and suffering, the dark shadows dissolve into the light of love, joy, and inner peace.

Unlocking the barriers to your heart, Morganite nurtures the healing of past wounds and buried emotional trauma. It encourages peaceful acceptance and emphasizes that vulnerability is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Easing the hurt caused by heartbreak and loss, it gently implies that grief is but your love persevering.




Love | Vitality | Hope

"Love Is All We Need"

Chrysoprase resonates with the heartbeat of life and nurtures the soul with unconditional love. Deepening your connection to the natural world, its soft green ray opens the heart and revitalizes the body with the Earth’s energetic pulse. Embracing a ‘oneness’ of all things, it encourages you to move beyond the delusions of your ego and embody your true nature as a magnificent being full of joy, love and unlimited potential.

Promoting spiritual and personal growth, Chrysoprase offers the promise of hope for a positive and abundant future. Providing strength to heal distressing matters of the heart, it inspires the courage to find forgiveness for yourself and others who have hurt you in the past. Developing compassion and self-acceptance, its beauty is a reminder that love is the most expansive feeling and reality there is.




Rose Quartz

​​​​​​​Love | Emotional Healing | Calm

"Pure Love"

Rose Quartz embodies the essence of unconditional love. It inspires self-acceptance by recognizing your unique inner beauty and nurtures a genuine appreciation for yourself. Encouraging compassion and understanding, it develops meaningful friendships and strengthens a family bond. Its loving vibration attracts new romance and can reignite passion between partners.

Bringing the heart chakra into balance, Rose Quartz calms the body into a state of infinite peace. Releasing stress and resentment, it supports emotional healing for overcoming trauma and heartbreak. Its soothing energy promotes forgiveness as you restore trust in others. By facing the fear of rejection and acknowledging your insecurities, you become more receptive to true love and happiness.



Mālā Prayer

Embodying love and compassion, calling upon your sacred feminine energy.

Wrapping you in a nurturing embrace, filling you with boundless grace.

Awakening divine wisdom and strength.

Illuminating your path with radiant light, invoking in compassion and love.

Invoking the power of Ho'oponopono to cleanse and heal your spirit.

I'm sorry for any actions, words, or thoughts

that have caused harm or discord.

Please forgive me as I seek forgiveness

from myself and others.

Allowing me the opportunity to grow and transform through forgiveness.

I love you, myself, and all beings unconditionally and without reservation.

May the healing power of forgiveness bring peace and harmony to my life and to the world around me.

“I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you."


  • 8mm Crystal Beads

    Knotted in between each bead with pink color nylon thread

    Handmade Cotton Tassel

    Handmade with love

    Avoid getting the Mala wet to protect the crystal beads

    Mala hangs just below the breastbone around 48cm long

    Mala will come in a box with a guidance card and Mala Prayer

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