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  • Dalmation Jasper

Grounding - Playfulness - Loyalty

"Faithful Companion"

Grounding into the Earth, Dalmatian Stone aligns your energetic bodies with the flow of life. Balancing Yin and Yang energy, it brings awareness to the opposite, yet complementary forces of darkness and light. It teaches that life presents both lessons of hardship and happiness to evolve your human experience and further your personal growth.

Uncovering your innate strengths and abilities, Dalmatian Stone inspires service by realizing how your unique influence matters beyond measure. Uplifting the spirit with immense joy and positivity, it invites you to use a sense of childlike wonder and embrace all of the beauty, laughter, and love this world has to offer. Your time on Earth is precious, so honour the gift of being alive and have gratitude for your journey thus far.

Increasing awareness of your thoughts and intentions, it allows you to let go of outgrown beliefs and focus your efforts towards fulfilling the purpose of your earthly existence. Evaluating your integrity and capability to love, Dalmatian Stone empowers loyal relationships built on unyielding trust and everlasting friendship. Comforting to all, its soothing vibration has a calming effect on animals.



    • 8mm genuine crystal beads
    • Strung on durable strtechy cord
    • Size SMALL fits 5 - 6 inches
    • Size MEDIUM fits 6-7 inches
    • Size LARGE fits 7- 8 inches
    • Comes in a linen bag, with care card 
    • Fully cleansed and charged
    • Handmade with love and intention
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