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Finding the balance within and around you, the balance between...

Physical & Mystical

Light & Dark

Heaven & Earth

Technology & Consciousness


Dalmation Jasper



"Faithful Companion"

Grounding into the Earth, Dalmatian Stone aligns your energetic bodies with the flow of life. Balancing Yin and Yang energy, it brings awareness to the opposite, yet complementary forces of darkness and light. It teaches that life presents both lessons of hardship and happiness to evolve your human experience and further your personal growth.

Uncovering your innate strengths and abilities, Dalmatian Stone inspires service by realizing how your unique influence matters beyond measure. Uplifting the spirit with immense joy and positivity, it invites you to use a sense of childlike wonder and embrace all of the beauty, laughter, and love this world has to offer. Your time on Earth is precious, so honour the gift of being alive and have gratitude for your journey thus far.

Increasing awareness of your thoughts and intentions, it allows you to let go of outgrown beliefs and focus your efforts towards fulfilling the purpose of your earthly existence. Evaluating your integrity and capability to love, Dalmatian Stone empowers loyal relationships built on unyielding trust and everlasting friendship. Comforting to all, its soothing vibration has a calming effect on animals.





" Bones of Mother Earth"

Known as the “bones of Mother Earth,” riverstone is one of the oldest continually-used crystals for strength and energy. Culled from rivers and other moving bodies of water all over the world, riverstone embodies the fluidity, vitality, and movement of ever-evolving water.

This is a great stone to accelerate change, and to initiate the acceptance of new situations or life-shifts. Riverstone is thought to energize one’s aura, which makes it a great choice if you’re feeling stagnant or stuck in a rut. It can be used to access your innermost will and initiative; though the stone itself does not cause change, it helps the wearer recognize and accept change. It encourages us to go with the flow, rather than to resist change or evolution. In this way, it is a grounding stone, helping us to find peace in acceptance. In the same vein, it’s known to accelerate physical processes such as growth and digestion.




Associated with grounding and protection: meditating with Rosewood beads is said to dispel negativity and bad vibes. Connected to divine goddess energy, Rosewood is also associated with the Heart Chakra, the body’s center of compassion, love, and forgiveness. Anyone wishing to soften their heart or open themselves up to more loving relationships may benefit from using rosewood mala beads.


Lava Stone

“Spiritual Growth"

Lava stones are believed to have spiritual significance. They are seen as conduits for spiritual growth, offering a pathway to higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. Lava stones are grounding and stabilizing, and can help keep you in the flow of life. They can reduce anxiety, encourage emotional calmness, and instill emotions of peace and relaxation. Lava stones are believed to have a calming effect, helping to dissipate anger. They are also thought to facilitate new beginnings and starting over.




Mālā Prayer

Grounding your energy into the root of the earth and your physical body.

Soothing your energy, bringing in a sense of stillness, nourishment, simplicity and balance.

May the energy of this Mālā allow you to find a slower pace of life.

Absorbing the frequency of the earth’s vibration, attuning to the land, the water, the stone and the ether.

Finding that balance between doing and being, masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

Take a breath, allow this Mālā to breathe with you, find your breath, find your stillness, come back to your true nature. 


$88.00 Regular Price
$68.64Sale Price
  • 8mm Crystal Beads

    Knotted in between each bead with brown color nylon thread

    Cotton Tassel

    Handmade with love

    Avoid getting the Mala wet to protect the crystal beads

    Mala hangs just below the breastbone around 48cm long

    Mala will come in a box with a guidance card and Mala Prayer

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